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Today's Deal: $39 for Dryer Vent Cleaning ($79 Value)

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  • "Extremely knowledgeable, professional and clean. They are not finished yet, as they had to treat my chimney with a chemical to loosen the creosote and will be back to clean it. I was very impressed with the technician who came out to do the work. I have no reason to expect that their work in cleaning the chimney will be any less than their first visit to treat the creosote. I would highly recommend them.” - Chimney Cleaning Cust,
  • “Very thorough and professional. Explained exactly what and how they were going to work.” - Thornton, CO Project: Ducts & Vents – Customer


Your Clothes Dryer can pose a hidden fire hazard. Clothes dryer vents or ducts accumulate lint in a similar fashion to the way plaque deposits build-up in human blood vessels, and dirt builds up in a home’s duct work. Even an occasional bird’s nest finds its way inside the vents. Birds are attracted to the lint as a source of nesting material and they may decide to build a nest inside the vent as a way of getting out of the elements.

The resulting blockage from lint or straw causes your dryer to overwork and overheat which can lead to a deadly house fire. In fact, over 14,000 house fires are caused each year by clothes dryers. Sometimes Chimney Pros and Kleen Ducts is called just in time, and the lint we remove from a dryer housing is charred, just a few days away from starting a house fire.

Often the first sign of a clogged vent is that clothes seem to take longer to dry. Many people assume their dryer is just getting old, but the real culprit is a clogged vent.

Here are the most common warning signs:
1. Clothes (especially jeans and towels) take too long to dry.
2. Clothes are extremely hot when removed from the dryer.
3. The top of the dryer is very hot.
4. The flapper valve at the exhaust hood does not open fully.
Even if your dryer exhibits none of the above symptoms, most experts recommend an annual cleaning. Some experts think 6-months is even better.
While the peace of mind that comes from knowing your dryer is safe is the main benefit of cleaning the vent, you’ll also realize real savings from:
1. Lower utility bills (And the savings can be significant given high PECO rates).
2. Less wear and tear on you clothing because it dries faster and tumbles less.
3. Time saved drying clothes.
4. Extended clothes dryer life and lower repair bills.

Chimney Pros and Kleen Ducts goes the extra mile by performing procedures that less fussy dryer vent cleaners ignore, like measuring air flow before and after cleaning to make sure your vent was cleaned properly. Why? Because its these extra steps that prevent clothes dryer fires.

We also install new dryer vents, using only high quality metal duct materials and construction techniques that maximize air flow to reduce clothes drying times.

Call us today to schedule a dryer vent cleaning that will bring your clothes dryer back to it’s designed efficiency, reduce high utility charges and eliminate a dangerous fire hazard

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About Chimney Pros and Kleen Ducts

Chimney Pros and Kleen Ducts, based in Colorado Springs , CO, and now available in Colorado Springs,services homeowners, businesses and institutions in the greater Colorado area offering four primary services that safeguard the health and safety of our customers:
• Air duct cleaning
• Chimney cleaning and inspection
• Chimney repair
• Dryer vent cleaning and installation
We promptly return phone calls, treat customers with professionalism, and take special care to keep dust and soot away from your valuable home furnishings. What sets us apart from most specialty cleaners is our thorough, meticulous cleaning procedures. Whether it’s cleaning parts of the chimney that others ignore or taking the extra time to scour the internal ductwork of a clothes dryer, you can count on Chimney Pros and Kleen Ducts to provide high quality, professional workmanship on every job. Nothing is more important than your health and safety.
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